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Self-employed home mover in West Lothian

“We went from negative equity to selling profitably; a big success mainly because of Carolyn.”

“I’ve worked in the audio-visual industry for years. I started off selling budget equipment and now have my own business specifying high-end cinema equipment for businesses and private individuals. I’ve been a client of Carolyn’s for over six years.”

We went from negative equity to selling it profitably…because of Carolyn

“A friend of mine recommended Carolyn after my Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) didn’t get back to me. In contrast, Carolyn’s response was instant and has been ever since. Getting a quick response is very important to me. It’s how I like to run my business; it’s what my clients expect and naturally, what I expect too.”

“My partner and I wanted to move but couldn’t because my flat was in negative equity. It was a complicated situation and Carolyn has helped me rent out my flat and buy another house with a new mortgage. Over time, we’ve gone from negative equity to selling it profitably; a big success mainly because of Carolyn.”

“It wasn’t all plain sailing, but Carolyn has stuck with me. At times she has done a lot of work for little reward in the knowledge that I will keep on coming back to her. This mirrors the relationship I have with my clients I’ve had for the last 20 years.”

I trust her and I’m happy to pay

“Although Carolyn is not free, I go to her because I trust her and I’m happy to pay. Carolyn is genuinely concerned with getting the best deal possible and over the years I’ve gone to her for all sorts of advice. Being self-employed finances can be volatile and she’s helped me ensure that I wouldn’t leave my family in a poor financial situation if something were to happen.”


“Being in the job I’m in I think I’m a good judge of character and I knew straight away that she’s honest and would tell me if I needed something or not. With big financial decisions like mortgages, you have to have someone that you can trust and that’s something you just don’t get with Joe Blogs in a bank.”

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