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We’d always recommend speaking to a financial adviser about how to make the most of the money in your pension pot, investments and savings. A financial adviser will be able to give you advice based on your individual circumstances.

We are an award-winning mortgage advice firm 

Each year, SME News host the annual UK Finance Awards, championing and recognising those in the financial services sector who have shown industry excellence over the past year.

McKendry Dunion Financial has been recognised for doing a great job for our mortgage clients, being awarded Best Mortgage & Protection Firm 2023.

We can help you with

Pension advice

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Wealth management

McKendry Dunion Financial is delighted to announced that we are now offering advice on all aspects of Financial Planning including investments and pensions.

We are still on hand for mortgage and protection advice but are looking forward to helping our clients more holistically.

We would like to invite you to book a complimentary ‘Discovery’ call to find out how we can best help you plan for retirement or look after your savings and investments.

What does a Financial Adviser do?

Carolyn Dunion explains the role of a financial advisor.

What exactly does a financial adviser do?

Although it sounds quite straightforward, in that a financial advisor gives financial advice, I think people are a little bit unsure as to what that actually means.

My job as a financial advisor is to help guide people holistically through all of their financial considerations. That includes planning for the life stage that they’re at.

Somebody who’s buying their first home has different considerations than somebody who’s considering retiring. A financial advisor can help people work out what to do at the present time, and also what they should be doing for the future.

One way to describe it is advice for perfectly clever people who just don’t understand things like pensions and investments. These can be very complicated, so it’s just shining a light on that and giving a little bit of education around things people need to consider – with specific product advice for each individual.

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