The property market is moving fast. Popular properties are being snapped up within days of going on the market. With so much competition, being chain-free could help you secure the home you want and speed up the homebuying process. If you\’92re already a homeowner, is it worth renting a property short-term to break the chain?

According to Rightmove , more homeowners are choosing to sell up and move into a rental property so they\’92re in a stronger position to secure their dream home.

One in five (21%) of properties listed on the website are now chain-free, compared to 15% last year. While some of these will be due to landlords or second homeowners selling, it does indicate that some families are choosing to temporarily rent a home. The shift was most marked in London, where chain-free homes have increased from 12% in 2020 to 21% in 2021.

The number of potential buyers searching for \’93no chain\’94 properties has increased by 72%. Being chain-free could help you whether you\’92re buying or selling.

Why being chain-free can help home movers

A property chain links home buyers and sellers together, so a purchase or sale is dependent on another transaction. As a result, one person pulling out of a chain can have a significant impact on others. Being chain-free means your sale or purchase does not rely on another. As a result, it puts you in an attractive position.

Being chain-free means there\’92s a lower risk of delays and failed sales. It can mean you\’92re in a better position to negotiate, especially if the seller wants a quick sale. However, most homebuyers need to sell their own home to be able to purchase another. Renting a property in the short term can provide a solution, but there are drawbacks to consider too.

The benefits of short-term renting to be chain-free

Take advantage of high sale prices now

House prices have reached a record high as demand outstrips supply in many parts of the country. In the last year, house prices have increased by 8.2%, with the average home now worth \’a3258,204, the Halifax House Price Index finds. It\’92s impossible to know how average house prices will change in the coming months, but selling to become chain-free means you can take advantage of the current high without needing to commit to a new home straight away.

Give yourself time to find the right home for you

Finding a new home can be stressful, especially if you\’92re facing pressure from your buyer. Timeframes, when you\’92re part of a chain, may mean that you need to find a new home quickly. It can mean you end up settling for something that isn\’92t right for you. Being chain-free can provide the time you need and an opportunity to wait for the right property.

Try a new area or type of home

If you\’92re thinking about moving to a new area or even a different type of property, committing to buying a home can be difficult. Short-term renting allows you to try before you buy to see if it\’92s the right decision for you.

Potentially speed up the process

If you want to sell your home quickly, being chain-free can speed up the process. However, keep in mind that your buyer may be part of a chain and other factors can cause delays too.

The drawbacks of short-term renting to be chain-free

It can cost you more

Renting in the short term means you\’92ll need to factor in additional costs. As well as rent, you may need to consider the cost of storing some of your items and the additional expense of moving home twice rather than once. In some cases, buying and selling a property through the same solicitor can mean you receive a discount, which may be lost if you rent in the short term.

It can be more stressful

Moving home is often cited as one of the most stressful experiences. By renting short-term, you\’92ll be doing it twice, potentially in a short space of time. While it can afford you the time you need to look for the right home, it\’92s a solution that can create stress in other areas of your life.

Short-term renting can create uncertainty

As you won\’92t have found a new home to buy and there\’92s no guarantee when the right one will be available, renting short-term does come with uncertainty. If you\’92ve only budgeted to rent for a certain period, it can create additional stress further down the line if you\’92re unable to find the property you\’92re looking for.

If you\’92re moving home, whether you plan to rent or not, and will need a mortgage, it\’92s important to find the right deal for you. It could help you save money in the long run and provide flexibility if you need it. Please give us a call if you\’92d like to discuss your mortgage needs.


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